Monday, 2 April 2012

TMA - Dulce et Decorum est...

Finished my TMA this afternoon, and sent it off. It was hard work, took about 16 hours. I get the result after Easter.

I am receiving many books and dvds through the post. OU workbooks, and literature,  and Liev Schreiber films. It will take a while to get through them.

I am looking forward to Easter. Going to the cathedral on Maundy Thursday morning, and going to watch a BBC presentation of the crucifiction by the people of Ripon on Friday.

Connie Suttle's books go from strength to strength, just finished her latest, called Shadowed. I feel as if I am among old friends when I read about her characters and follow her story lines.

Skating at 08.00 on Wednesday, because it's half term. Will I be able to get up at 0600 to get ready????

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