Friday, 30 March 2012

Forgetfulness & Update

I forgot about this blog until I saw a link on Connie Suttle's page!

Still wearing the splint on my right little finger, went to see the orthopaedic MO last week, it is healing, and about half way better.

OU work is coming on. Now writing my first TMA. But bad news! The full course will cost £15,000. Andrew and I talked about it, he asked how much did I want to do it? I want to do it very much, but is it worth the cost? After a search of the OU website I found I can buy all of the books and dvds for only a few hundred, and study without paying for tuition.  I don't need the BA, because I already have an American one, but I do want the education. So I'm buying the books, and working through them.

Saw Robert Redford on TV last night praising older women who don't have plastic surgery. Felt encouraged. :)

Good skating on Wednesday, enjoyed it, skated with Gwyl and practised my short free dance programme.

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